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In 1997 T.C. Kline Racing once again entered in the North American Touring Car Championship. With Randy Pobst as their lead driver the team decided to switch from the Neuspeed Honda Accord to a McLaren built BMW. With increased support from Manufacturers the T.C. Kline effort would not be able to compete with the large dollars being spent by Dodge and a factory effort by Honda.

With so much factory money in the class the best that Randy could do was to win the Independent's Championship; a Championship inside a Championship in which only non factory supported teams were eligible to score points. Outside of the Touring Car deal Randy continued to pick up one off rides at various races around the country. While driving for The Racer's Group Pobst set the fastest GT Class race lap during the Sebring 12 Hours. If Randy were to accomplish that in the present, it would be expected. At that time The Racer's Group was just being formed and Randy had not driven many Porsches. Randy's sole professional win in 1997 came at the wheel of the Snipes Motorsports Ford Mustang in the IMSA Endurance Championship at Road Atlanta. This was just more evidence that Pobst could jump in any type of machine and make it go fast.

For the first time in many years the 1998 season saw Randy without a full time ride. While it seemed like a curse at the time, that season without a full time ride allowed Randy to pick up many one off rides that he otherwise wouldn't have been available to accept. The one race that proved pivotal in his career happened at Watkins Glen as a part of the USRRC (United State Road Racing Championship).

Alex Job Racing, a well respected Porsche team, was running for the GT class championship in the USRRC. The team had a spare car that they asked Pobst to start during the race at Watkins Glen. Pobst's walking orders were to go out and drive the car around the track for a couple of hours in case something happened to the team's primary vehicle. After Randy's two hour stint the Porsche he was driving had a lap lead over the entire GT Class field. In what was to be a one off ride, Randy had blistered the field and secured a lap lead on the entire GT class.

Now Alex Job was in a perdicament. They had planned on parking the car after a couple of hours and had no plans for a co-driver for Randy. With the car in the lead Job had little choice but to find someone to finish the car for Pobst. Walking up and down pit lane with helmet in hand was Terry Borcheller. At the time Borcheller was not an established driver like he is today, but the team needed someone to drive the car to the win. Borcheller was put in the car and Pobst's one lap lead held to the end. Randy had turned a one off ride that was supposed to be parked after two hours into a victory!

Also during the 1998 season Randy scored two wins in the Motorola Cup driving a Toyota Supra Turbo and a VW Golf. At the end of the season Randy got the unique opportunity to drive a Vector in the GT2 class of the Petit Le Mans.

For the 1999 season Randy drove the majority of the ALMS season with Alex Job Racing. Impressed by his drive at Watkins Glen in 1998 the team was further impressed when he scored pole positions for the team at both the Sebring 12 Hours and the Petit Le Mans. Pobst scored a handful of professional podiums during the 1999 season but failed to score a professional victory.

Despite not winning a race in 1999, Pobst's career took a major leap forward in the year 2000 when Alex Job Racing signed Randy to a full time ride.

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