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Randy the Rocket
04/08/2005 02:47 AM Chris YANO
Hey RP,
Congrats on the win! I didn't get to see it, but I read the articles on it. Sounds like it was a tough battle with the Herr kid. You better watch out for us young guns. I almost grabbed my first win this past weekend at PIR. I lead for most of the race until I missed a crutial shift just before entering the NASCAR oval. OOPS! Rookie mistake. I finished second and am sitting in third overall. Only one weekend of racing left with two races. Take care RP and keep up the good work!

04/05/2005 10:36 PM Michael Williams
Congratulations again on your victory at St. Petersburg. I had a really awesome time, and I was really inspired to get into racing. Just want to say thanks again for giving me the chance to go to the race, it was my first race and it wont be my last. Thanks again.

St. Petersburg
04/03/2005 08:27 PM Kelli Ellis
Great to watch you race today. Congratulations on the win. It was a treat to see you. Can't believe it was 3 1/2 years ago at the Porsche Driving Experience. The most fun I've ever had has been driving on the race track. Thanks for your help!

Sebring - Speed World Challenge
03/27/2005 02:54 PM Jim Baur
Great race, Randy. Sorry the car broke, but it was an exciting race to watch. You're the best.
The C-GT now exists - VIN number and all. Now waiting to get it on a boat. Hope to see you sometime soon. Jim

03/23/2005 11:18 AM Nancy
Sorry to see you drop out. I was looking for a win in GT3 and rooting for you. Better luck for the rest of the season.

Your friend from Canada

03/22/2005 09:17 PM Michael Williams
Hey Randy, it was awsome chatting with you at dinner, your a really cool guy. Racing it a pretty big thing for me so it was really cool to meet a pro. Hope to see you again and chat. Good luck in St. Petersburg.

nice writings Randy
03/09/2005 10:04 PM Frank M. LIN (aka ghettoracer)
I'm really enjoying your column in SportsCar. Lot of very helpful hints, please keep it up!! It was a pleasure chatting with you yesterday. I'm glad you enjoy the little drive in the Civic. It will be closer to WC Touring spec soon... http://www.g-speed.com/em1 that's the car's home page.

02/23/2005 11:22 AM Harris Levitas
Hope the 2005 season goes well for you in the World Challenge TC. And good luck with the rest of the season with TPC.

Best of luck the rest of the season,

Harris Levitas

PS: Show Auberlen whos boss!!!!

02/05/2005 07:26 PM Carol (Price) King
Hey Randy,
Always wondered what became of you after high school. It was always such fun to be around you. I recall you were one heck of a great bowler for Mel-Hi and we always had such fun bowling together. I still see you are very competitive. Keep up the awesome job your doing. Joyce (Kessel) Icaza says "Hello" also.

Hi, 24 hr success!
02/05/2005 03:14 AM Mike Woodwoth
Hi Randy.
Sorry with the Super Bowl in Jax. I can't attn the 24 hrs. Kick Ass!

Best wishes, Mike & Matt Woodworth.

I met You
02/01/2005 08:20 PM andre s. merlet
Hey Randy, do you remember me Andre, I'm the motovational speaker for manufactures. Love racing and have the harley's. Anyway, good luck Saturday, I will be there, see you at the garage or the pits. God speed. Andre

2005 Speed GT
01/23/2005 07:03 PM Bryan and Tyler Press
Looking forward to a great 2005 for you.
Hoping to see you back to kick xss at Mosport.
Bryan and son Tyler

Rolex shaping up well
01/16/2005 10:52 AM Chris Markham
Just read about your testing at Daytona for the Rolex 24 and setting fastest lap in the TPC Porsche GT3. Way to go, Rocket! Looking forward to another great season, and to seeing you in the Champion car again at Infineon and Laguna out here on the Left Coast.
Good luck to you, John, Mike, Manuel and Spencer!
And "Go 'Yellow Mirrors!'" --Chris, San Jose

Happy New Year
01/03/2005 12:35 AM Mike Stevens "The Gimpy Co-Driver"
Hey Randy,

Thanks again for getting to see you at Laguna in October. Looking forward to seeing you again in May for the Grand Am weekend up there. Daytona looking good this year again? When am I going to get a hat? Hehe. Good Luck this year in racing. Be safe.

"A man is as only as old as the woman he feels" Groucho Marx

Mike "The Bomb" Stevens

catching up
12/10/2004 08:05 PM Steven Grandin
Hey Rocket Man I tried to reach you at the old email and either it is no longer being monitored, or you are just too busy. Let me know when you are coming back to Infineon or Laguna Seca - me and the Mouse want to catch up with you - Also - the 850 is gone - replaced with a new S4 - fast is smoothe.


25 Hours of Thunderhill
12/09/2004 10:08 PM Terry Best
Congrats on the overall win at the 25 Hours of Thunderhill race. I was the fueler for the Subaru-Powered Saker prototype car that decided to pit for the rest of the event around hour 10... ;-)

Didn't know you were on the Redhead Racing Porsche Team, had I known I'd have come by to say hi...

Looking forward to watching you race for many years to come.


Terry Best

11/23/2004 12:49 PM MICHGAEL

Thank You
11/22/2004 09:58 PM Dana J. Gribi
Hi Randy,
Thank you so much for all of your help at Sebring this last weekend. I am still on cloud nine. Randy actually drove my Ferrari 355 Challenge Racer at Sebring and showed me what the car can really do. I drove better this weekend than I ever have and alot of it had to with Randy's expert advice.
It was very nice meeting you again and again thanks for driving my car..........What a Hoot!

Sebring Historic Race Photos
11/22/2004 07:26 PM Mark Pero
Hello Randy - Enjoyed talking to you and Dana, and, indeed, I did get some great shots of Dana's Ferrari, some with you at the wheel. It was difficult through the window netting to see the helmet colors from some of my shooting angles. Nevertheless, I have some shots of late Saturday's session and after the "halftime" on Sunday. Let me know if you want me to send them to you. My E-address is m.pero@comcast.net. Really looking forward to seeing you in the Champion RS6 next season. Hope all goes well with Champion and Audi NA in that regard. BTW: I caught you on random laps doing 27s and 28s timing you at the turn 7 hairpin. Cheers. //Mark//

Rolex Enduro in Sebring
11/22/2004 08:20 AM Scott "the cook"
Congratulations! Cliff Berry overall winner of the Rolex Enduro 914 class. Also congratulations on College Boy Tim Lewis Jr. for the overall win in Klub Sports Challenge. Randy, really had a great week at Sebring, it was my pleasure cooking for and thanks so much for all your help with the team. Hope to get a chance to see you again&
Scott Hoffman C-2 Racing and KMW Motorsports cook.

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