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"Hi" from an old friend
11/19/2004 06:10 PM Paul Holtum
Randy! This is Paul Holtum, your old friend from Melbourne Beach. I am very proud of you! You followed your passion and now you are making a good living from it.
From your pictures you look about the same as you did 30 years ago except with a few extra wrinkles here and there. I now live in California near Los Angeles. (Over 20 years now) I am married and have a 9 year- old daughter. I know you are very busy but it would be fun to catch up some time. Remember you used to make fun of my brand new Honda 200? All my best to you and your family.

Lori is your cutest niece! :)
11/19/2004 12:46 AM Christina
Hey Uncle Randy -- Just wanted to say hello and we miss you up here in the midwest! Lori follows all of your races closely and tells all of her single lady friends how handsome, intelligent and charming you are. She must get her people skills from you. I think you should maybe get her an Audi for Christmas for all of her promotional work (just a thought)...

Yours-- Lori's Roommate Christina

Your New Website/Logo
11/13/2004 04:35 PM Sherr
Hey Randy,
Just checked out the new website/logo. Very nice ! Love the "flying" P logo. I like that much better than the old one. I see I'm still in the 2003 picture section. Thanks for not deleting me.. HA HA .. Although you can't see me very well for all the champagne flying (ahhhh, what a way to go eh?) As always, best of luck for the 2005 season. I know you'll do a great job.
The whole family wishes you well and, of course, we'll be watching.

Audi Club day at PDX
11/08/2004 02:08 PM Reiner Fink
Randy, I wanted to say thanks again for comming out to the Audi Club lapping day at Portland. I was so amazing to see you turning laps out there and your exuberant attitude made a big difference to the whole event. I can not think of another driver that I would have wanted to show up more!

Randy!! :)
10/31/2004 05:58 PM Nita
Hey, Randy!! Am watching you race right now on Speed! Just wanted you to know Mary and I still follow your racing!! Who knew!! Amee still remembers her "fun run" at Valkaria. Remember the green Vega? LOL Daddy always clips items about you from the Today Paper. Love watching you!

Congrats and keep it up.
10/23/2004 10:03 PM C.M. Hatem (Tom's younger, bigger brother)
Randy nice to see you've continued your success.

As was said before it is a long way up from T.C.'s program.

Keep it up and we'll try and see you next swing through Mid Ohio.

TPC Racing
10/17/2004 02:06 PM Leon Towns
Oh my God. I can't believe what I see sometimes. I work with you every weekend and still I am amazed at what you do in these Porsches.. You may not have much of a chance at the championship due to some unfortunate mishaps this season, but are you aware that you killed the track record at Barber "IN THE RAIN." Ridiculous. I am just so proud of the fact that I get to crew chief the #36 TPC Porsche that you drive. I know that we give you a good car to race with, but WOW, I wasn't aware that these cars were capable of going that fast. IN THE RAIN
amazing. Thank you Randy. I look forward to working with you more in the future. see you in Cali.

Nice to see you're still in it...
09/23/2004 01:15 PM Keith Bates
Hi Randy -- glad to see you're still battling for the lead... it's a long way from the old NATCC circus, isn't it? BTW -- loved your start in the new Audi ad on TV. Will look for you at Road Atlanta this weekend -- best of luck this year, mate. Keith (ex NATCC and SCCA PA Announcer)

09/23/2004 09:54 AM Mr. Perlman
Howdy, what's up Mr. Pobst. I'm from Indiana, so with the whole Indy 500 and whatnot. I sure do think racing is superb. Have you ever wrestled a bear? That would be cool. You should. My uncle Cletus once wrestled a bear...he didn't make it, but I'm sure you would. Because, y'know...you're Randy Pobst.

09/23/2004 02:50 AM lindsie pobst
dude, we have the same last name! that is so cool! are we related? cuz tht would be spiifericious!

Holy Jesus!
09/23/2004 02:50 AM Cory "The Man" Childs
I watch your racing, and I think, "Wowee wow, he sure does race like a racer!" Me and my friends have a drinking game about you. We don't really remember how it works, but it had something to do with... mayo.
I hope your career is... stellar. Or something.

Go Pobst!

You are a class act!
09/21/2004 07:38 PM Wendy L. Miller
Randy, I am a huge fan. Congrats on your most recent win and I look forward to following your stellar career as you score many more championships!

09/11/2004 05:36 PM Karen Long
It was such an honor to meet you. You're so down to earth and being around you is like a breath of fresh air. I wish you all the luck in the world and much continued success in life. I'm totally looking forward to seeing you through out the tour. Much Love, Karen

Road America
09/04/2004 02:03 PM Jim Baur
Hi Randy,
I just caught Road America on my Tivo. Congrats on a great race. Also, I love your interviews. Your candor is both refreshing and amusing - that goes for this race as well as Mosport. Take care. Jim

You're so awesome - just like when we were kids!!
08/28/2004 12:14 PM Cousin Terry
I just wanted to leave a note and tell you how much I love followign your progress this season, getting your e-mails and checking your website puts me so much closer to my awesome - and most handsome - cousin! I wish I could actually see you now and then but we don't seem to do much traveling anymore - quite different from you ;0).
We all love you,

Dem Ol' Racin' Days ...
08/27/2004 03:06 PM C.R. Krieger
Man, you got *merchandise* now? What a long way from putting up in some of the places the team went with T.C.! There's so many memories from the Glen, Road America, Mid-Ohio, and everywhere else in the 'enduro' days. I oughta' write all that stuff down somewhere. You'd probably enjoy it.

Then, it's always a delight to get to see you when you get up here, like last weekend. My Audi pals loved it, too. Keep it safe and keep havin' fun, whatever the ride happens to be.

Long time no see!
08/04/2004 10:50 PM Kim Cale
You might not remember me, but I'm Ginger Cale's sister. It's been a few years, but it was at Daytona, you were racing with Kim Hiskey. Just thought I would write and say hi! Hope you're doing great and maybe soon I'll be able to go to a race and see you again!

08/03/2004 02:17 PM Monica Falcon
Randy, it was such a pleasure talking about cars and racing last night. I can't wait to see you race at Mosport. turn #2 right? Goodluck and see you on Sunday!

A budding race enthusiast,
Monica Falcon

"What a Ride"
07/29/2004 07:06 PM Carla Zaggle
I had no idea I was riding with such a great & skilled driver..and a really cute one at that. Thankyou, it was a blast..and I now drive my Audi not as fast of course, but with alot of respect for what it can do. I will be watching your progress, good luck in future races.
Great Web site!
Carla Zaggle (Greeley, Colorado)

Met Your Daughter
07/24/2004 04:47 PM Phil Patino
I met your daughter on a plane on the way back to Melbourne. I live in Plam Bay. I think her name was Kelly. I just wanted to tell you that you that it was nice meeting her. Good luck to you this season.

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