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Lime Rock '04
07/22/2004 01:32 AM scott allerheiligen
As soon as he returned the race-winning RS6 to the paddock Randy made himself available for autographs and pictures. Even after the team victoriously dunked him in the jacuzzi an hour later, he was still out front, posing in a soaked flame-retardant suit signing and chatting away. Helluva guy and one helluva driver!

Just saying hello
07/18/2004 03:16 PM Joyce Icaza(kessel)
Way to go Randy. You've come a long way since Mel-Hi school and after school bowling club.

Just coming by to say "Hi!"
07/18/2004 12:34 PM D. Gail Morrison
Hi, Randy, this is a nice web site, you have done a very good job.

Thank you for your generosity and good wishes. If you would like to follow my progress, I have set up a web site explaining my situation and how I am doing.

Lotsaluv back at ya, and a big smile. gail

PS a heroine, eh? We must belong to a Mutual Admiration Society.

wanted to say hi
07/03/2004 03:27 PM jordan bartlett
hey Randy, i had a brief chance to talk to you at watkins glen a while ago and i wanted say im am a big fan, but the garage was so hectic i barely had a chance to say hi. i wanted to ask you what advice you would give someone of my age (17) who wants a chance at racing. i really want to get into the sport but a lack of money and my parents are preventing me from making any real progress.

Congratulations. You've come a long way since Pro Solo.
06/27/2004 03:10 PM Steve Snyder
Randy: I really enjoy watching both you and Andy race these days. You have both come such a long way from the early days in S4 SCCA Pro Solo. You always were such a talented driver, and I'm so glad to see that this talent has taken you so far. Stay safe, stay fast, and stay smooth. Congratulations on your many wins, and the many more to come!!!


Sunnyside Audi
06/24/2004 09:28 AM Dan Alcorn
Thanks for stopping by yesterday. It was great to see the RS6! Everyone enjoyed seeing you & Michael Galati.
Thanks again,
Dan Alcorn
Certified Audi Brand Specialist
Sunnyside Audi
Middleburg Heights, Ohio

Staying in touch
06/23/2004 07:56 AM Chris Stiffler
I haven't seen you in 04 yet, will see you at Mid Ohio this weekend for the GT race. Need to say hi to Michael as well, he is a local pal ya know.
Missed chatting with you at VIR last fall in victory lane, you had tooooooo many fans saying hello. LOL
Does Linda still have her black CRX?

Will try to call Peter Schwartzott and see if he needs crew help on his TC effort.
Take care,
Chris Stiffler
2003 Oh/In NASA Midwest Honda Challenge Champion.
Owner- Street N Track Autosports
Medina, Ohio

6 Hours of The Glen
06/21/2004 02:21 PM Matt Ammon
Randy - I just wanted to get your thoughts on the incident that took you out of the Rolex race yesterday. It looks like the Corvette just stopped dead in front of the Ferrari when the pace car rolled out. Who was wrong in that situation? It looked like the pace car was beside the Corvette, so couldn't he have continued past? That would have given the Ferrari some time/room to slow down and tuck in behind the pace car, right? Or was the Corvette supposed to slow down immediately and maybe the Ferrari was in the wrong? Either way, it really sucks, because it looked like you were running pretty well. Good luck the rest of the season!

Oh, and thanks again for driving my car at the Audi Club event at VIR in April! I had a blast! I tried to emulate your "no braking" technique through turn 10, only to pucker, lift, and lose the back end and spin out. No damage, but it is an amusing video, especially since it happened 1/2 lap after you got out! Anyway, thanks so much for your support of the Audi Club. Hope to hang out with you again soon!

Thanks for Mid-Ohio
06/14/2004 09:01 PM Jeff Marsh
Thanks for showing me what my Miata could really do at Mid-Ohio. It was a jaw-dropping ride I'll always remember. On my next driving session my instructor immediatly noticed that I was driving smoother and said "Hey you really learned something from watching Randy!"

Thanks again and good luck on the track,

Jeff Marsh

06/14/2004 07:02 PM CHUCK DOUBET
Thanks for taking time out of your schedule to be at our Mid-Ohio event. I thought your talk at the banquet was infromative, and very entertaining.

I especially aprreciate your taking me out on the track in my Miata. It was a tremendous learning experience.

Good luck in your upcoming season.


Mid-Ohio Audi Club event
06/14/2004 12:36 PM Mark Saperstein
Randy -
It was tremendous meeting you during the Audi Club event at Mid-Ohio this past weekend, but even more fantastic riding as the passenger while
you blasted around the track in my car. It was a
great learning experience and everyone I spoke
with walked away from their lapping session absolutely thrilled by the experience. During your time at the banquet, as well as the track, your humility and graciousness were obvious to all the club memebers and your time was much appreciated. Thanks again and don't forget my offer to send you additional Audi "pocket pens".

Thank you!
06/06/2004 10:44 AM RandytheRocket Pobst
A special thank you to all the friends and fans that have taken the time to write us a note. It is greatly appreciated. Keep it up! All the best, Randy

06/01/2004 01:25 PM Jim Schock
Just wanted to congradulate you on your win at Limerock Park. I was routin for ya the whole time. By the 3rd lap or so I knew the rest of field had no chance. Good luck with the rest of the season.

05/07/2004 08:24 PM Scott Hoffman "The Mitty" Cook
Randy, Scott Hoffman here I hope you get a chance to read this. I just wanted to tell you thanks for a great weekend at Road Atlanta The Mitty this was my first time at this track working with Cliff Berry, John Harrold, and Kevin Wheeler. After meeting with you in person as well as having the opportunity to cook for you, I have to say what a reality check. You are a great guy! Every time you came to camp you pumped the entire crew up, I saw it in my friends you not only raised the bar of performance you did everything you could to get them better and it showed. P-1 overall in the Vintage Enduro, P-2 overall in the Klub Sports Challenge P-1 in class. What a Great weekend, I look forward to racing with you again, it was great.

Re: Super
05/06/2004 02:44 PM Robert Beatty
Hi Randy, I met you 4 years ago at Daytona SCCA Racing school, I was with Charlie Kolb driving the Lotus Elise. It is great to see you doing so well, I think you are the best driver out there. Meanwhile I am still racing Charlies old Bobsy SR2 in various vintage events. Keep up the great racing and good luck.
Robert Beatty

05/02/2004 11:05 PM Jim Baur
Just wanted to thank you again for your gracious efforts at VIR with the Audi Club. Having you drive our cars is one of those life events for us wannabes. Incidentally, I got our ride on tape this time and, after about a quarter lap familarization, your lap time in the 911 Turbo was 2.09.72.
Looking forward to the next time, whenever that might be. Jim

Audi Club VIR April26-27 2004
04/29/2004 06:57 AM Phil Ackley
Many thanks for your cordial and confident presentation to our club and your high-reving presentation which is not limited by rev-limiters!
Also enjoyed your track tips when you rode with my partner Colin Cohen and me in our A4 race car. Subtle improvements make the difference, and your enthusiatic style would make the CDC bottle you, its so infectious!
Our membership is important to Audi sales, and your spirit and participation is superb. You are truly a committed professional and a terrific asset to the sport and those you are so willing to offer your advice and encouragement.

Best of luck this year, you deserve the best!

02/17/2004 05:47 PM Jill Martin
Hey Randy...great website. This is "NASCAR"

Great work Randy! Thank You!
02/08/2004 01:22 AM Leon Towns
Randy, I just wanted to thank you for a job well done. You have given myself and the other newbies the confidence in our ability to give you guys the best car possible. It has been a pleasure to play a part in putting you, Marc, Mike, Andy, and John in a position to get the #38 TPC Racing GT3 on the Podium. Once again, thanks Randy. You have been a great person and driver to work with. I look forward to a successful season.

Nice Web site!
02/02/2004 08:55 PM Mike Woodworth

Matt, Heather, James & I really enjoyed visiting with you before the 24 hours. Matt will use your recommedations on his CRX at the next autocross. Have a great 2004.

Best Regards, Mike Woodworth

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