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05/28/2013 02:29 PM Joshua
You've been a huge inspiration for me. I've followed your career and have watched your videos with the Motor Trend team. Thanks for being awesome, sir!

I think I bought your old 996
05/14/2013 07:48 PM Chip
Randy - you bought a carrera white 996 from Gerry Curts back in 2004. The car was perfect and you told Gerry it was too nice to turn into a race car! I bought the very same car last week planning to turn it in to a track car for me. When it arrived I had the very same thoughts. The car is still nearly perfect! I am almost afraid to put a bar in it and track it. What a coincidence.

St Pete
03/30/2013 08:12 PM Deb Digman
Sure was good to see the Volvo's in the lead for most of the race. Glad to see you take 2nd!! Congrats! Really enjoyed seeing you again and thanks for everything. Next time Yvonne needs to come with us!

13 Viper GTS v. 12 Vette ZR1
01/17/2013 03:01 PM Rick Morelli - DriveTeq
Randy, we enjoyed the street fight at MRLS! We've posted for others to enjoy in one of our blogs at DriveTeq.ca. Looking forward to crossing paths in 2013! R

Nord Stern Breakfast with Randy
01/13/2013 04:33 PM Keith Erickson
Randy, It was a pleasure for some of us Nord Stern Chapter stalwarts to share a good breakfast with you today! We enjoyed your candor in discussing all things racing and car setup. Your talk last night at our Winter Banquet was very well received and thank you for taking time out of your schedule to be our speaker. Best of luck to you in all of your upcoming racing endeavors, be they in a P-car or not! Thanks again! KE

12/03/2012 10:15 PM Jay Mancin
Thanks for dropping the old CB off Sunday; that resto will keep me busy for a year or two for sure! I esp. enjoyed seeing your 2 wheel collection and chatting about bikes and cars. Hope to see you at Barber next year and best of luck for the race season!

Fast Food
09/15/2012 09:11 AM Gary Bowler
I follow your writings in Grassroots and had the pleasure of meeting you at a National Corvette Museum HPDE held at Road America during the ALMS & WC events 3-4 years ago. I do HPDEs at track all over the east coast in my Corvette.
Could you share more of your vegan recipes with your fans? What is your normal daily diet? I also have stomach/digestive problems similar to what you mentioned in your August GR Fast Food article.

08/29/2012 04:22 PM Jennifer Undella
Randy! It was so great meeting you today. Thank you for letting me go on about my dads racing days. :) Best of luck to you and Team K-PAX!

Hey, stranger!
08/20/2012 05:22 PM Katie Nielsen-Nunez
Julie told me you had a website devoted to your accomplishments...Very impressive! Looks like you are having a blast, and following your dreams. Good for you! Stay safe on the track...

Katie (Scharla-Nielsen)

Great reviews, pony car match.
07/01/2012 09:15 PM Daniel Girard

It was good to see you in the Motor Trend pony car series. It always pains me to see a video review, or audible for that matter, where the personality of the driver is about as lively as inflating a tire. You bring that quality of communication about how the car feels, and get the technical things right for sure. But it really was telling when you mentioned Mr. Shelby, thanking him.

It shows that you love your job, and I envy it.

Might just go fire up my mustang and hope Mr. Shelby approves.

Mosport Fire
06/29/2012 02:42 PM Kathy
From: Kathy Koczekan
Subject: fire at Mosport 2012

Hi Randy. So relieved that you are OK after the Volvo fire. I was marshalling at C7 and my husband was spectating at my corner and caught it all with his camera. After your Detroit bad luck and then this BBQ hope they can find you a new car. We missed seeing you race on Sunday. Our son owns a Volvo so we are all fans of yours. Thought you might be interested in these photos. Best of luck in the future.

Driving Etiquette
06/19/2012 03:31 PM Tommy G
Hey Randy,
Sorry for the intrusion again, but holy cow! Every magazine I open, and poof! ... You're there! Sheesh, like Jennifer Aniston in People. Pretty cool!

Anyhow, Sebring; I actually had the team Biohazard MR2 up to 2nd at one point briefly (started 20th and took over in 4th), then the master cylinder needed pumping up and we dropped down to 7th nursing it home.
Still, not bad out of 70+ cars in a 14hr race, on a track none of us had ever turned a wheel on before the flag dropped. Great car, and above all, what a blast!

Just finished 25hrs at Nelson Ledges this weekend...my final race with the old, crappy team (Mod Squad) because of previous commitment...ugh!
It was tough watching the new team (Biohazard) alongside, end up in 9th, wishing I could've helped them finish closer to the front.
I was surprised how many pros were playing around with Chump, just having fun. The Nonnamakers were at NL, and actually, Mike Skeen was driving with a friend of mine, Scott Barton. They won! Great overall team, good prep and car...318is.

I must say however, that this particular race was really rough in terms of overly aggressive and rude driving. Way too much carnage and it reminded me of your writings, as well as the column in the current R & T.
There's no big prize and it was disappointing frankly. And lemme tell you...it wasn't the pros who were misbehaving either!
The Chump organizers weren't happy and I suspect will start cracking down, maybe like Lemons.

Regardless, at this point, I'm done with 'round the clock' races with 'any' team. Instead, I'll do some of the Double 7 hr, or 10-14hrs like Sebring was.
I'm not getting younger and really prefer sleeping in a hotel, instead of dozing 15 minutes at a time in a folding chair or rental car in the paddock ;-)

If all's well, next year should be fun with the Biohazard team, and maybe I'll cross a few more new tracks off the bucket list :-)

Just thought I'd mention all this, should you feel like trying it out next year...I'm sure they'd love to have someone like you pop in for a race (and pick your brain a little).
Although I'm in Montreal, Biohazard is based in Virginia and do mostly east coast events.

I'll let you know when their schedule comes out, in case the spirit moves you.


Motor Trend
06/10/2012 09:23 AM RS
Enjoy your analysis on Motor Trend. Nice to have someone with real credibility evaluating cars and writing about them. Good luck in the rest for the season.

Recently Made Huge Fan
06/08/2012 06:21 PM Brian S.
I recently discovered you existed due to your work with Motor Trend's YouTube series. I found your take on various machines as you raced around interesting to say the least. Since then I did a bit of reading on your interesting and unique rise in racing. I do not have much else to say other than you have been an inspiration to me and I am sure countless others that people with enough dedication and skill and can succeed at what they love to do. P.S. - keep writing I love your style and stories!

05/29/2012 08:48 AM Than Orens

I wanted to thank you again for sharing my car in the BMW Club Race Enduro at Mid Ohio this past weekend. I especially wanted to thank you for bringing home the win.

The entire experience is the high point of my racing season!


05/23/2012 08:04 PM Brenda Chacon
Im sure you wont remember me...I was on line looking at Page Jones when he had his almost fatal crash and thought about all of you that stayed at the Wyndham Hotel in Chandler Az...Cina and I loved when you boys stayed there...Looking at your stats looks like you have done well over the years...continue your success:)

05/17/2012 11:55 PM Steve Urbano

As I said when I met you- I've been watching you race for years! What a pleasure to get to ride with you at PPIR for the RMVR Racing School. Thanks for being there and continued success. I hope on my next television project I can hire you as my "stunt driver"!



Fellow Volvo driver...
03/28/2012 02:36 PM Kathy
Hi Randy,
Just a quick note to thank you again for your time at the Porsche 48hrs at Sebring, and for signing my owner's manual :). It meant a lot.
Your suggestion for getting more air to my brakes was spot on (my Vortex Motorsport mechanic agrees...) and my Swede is now set to undergo some mods to make that happen.
Really bummed to hear about the "ghost"...sending positive thoughts that the rest of the season will be full of completed races with Volvo taking the win.

Kindest Regards,

St Pete Street Race
03/27/2012 12:00 PM Tommy G
Hey Randy

Don't know if you remember me (after some emails, I said hello at the Chump race at Road Atlanta last month, where our MR2 won), but I just watched the WC race and wanted to say how sorry I was to see the Volvo crap out. Ugh.

Hope it gets figured out and good luck with round two

Tommy Guttmann

PS I hate watching these street races with all the concrete...can't even begin to imagine what it must be like to drive. Yikes!

02/27/2012 10:50 AM Mark Woolley
Randy, Really appreciate you visiting with the instructors at the Tarheel Chapter BMW CCA drivers school this past weekend. Your musings were informative and entertaining, as well as insightful. Best of luck going forward in your career.

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