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Great seeing you again!
06/15/2010 02:04 PM Steve Williams
It was great seeing you again when we ran into each other way up in Highlands, North Carolina earlier this month. You had been one of the star
instructors at the BMW E-36 intro at Road Atlanta back in '92. Will never forget you diving inside of Terry (BFGoodrich driver) as we went into turn 6, I was riding shotgun with him and got the s*** scared out of me when your fender came up to my door from out of nowhere. By the way, I was the clumsy hand behind the wheel of the Mercedes on the autocross course that day. And p.s., I have warned all my bike riding friends to leave the guy wearing the #13 jacket on the Triumph alone up in those mountains...

Turn Two at Mosport
05/27/2010 05:29 PM Mark
Hey Randy,

Great chatting with you and Peter Schwartzott at Turn 2. Congratulations on your two podium finishes over the Victoria Day weekend. We'll be rooting for you at the Toronto Honda Indy in July!



Race Results
05/05/2010 05:35 PM Rennie Bryant
Hi Randy
It seems you missed a very important (to me) race finish. 2nd in class 7th overall 2003 12hrs. of Homestead. It was a blast! Thanks Again !

Nice meeting you last night; Good & fun conversation
05/01/2010 11:56 AM Dan & Melena
Randy - Great spending time with you last night before the wedding (or taking your time away from K. ;) ). My wife enjoyed the talk of cars, racing, cakes, flax seed, and all other stuff!! :)

Best of luck in the future, and maybe I can get your to Vegas for the 500 lap kart race I mentioned - hahahahaha


Huge Fan
04/27/2010 02:49 PM Darren Murdock
Randy, I'm a huge fan of your racing, as well as your commentary in Sportscar. I have the pleasure of getting to race with your editor, Philip Royle, in Cal Club, and always try to pass on well wishes and good luck to you through him. You have been one of the biggest inspirations to my amateur racing career, in both racing ethics, as well as strategy and speed. Good Luck with the 2010 season, and I'll be rooting for you all the way.

St Pete
03/27/2010 11:00 PM ANNIS JOHN
You made it look easy today. Good luck tomorrow.

Hi and I Read your Articles in Sports Car
02/28/2010 12:01 PM Patty Hines
Randy I read your articles in Sports Car all the time. I must say they are fact, funny and smart...Wow. I remember you as an autocrosser. Keep up the great work. ph

Good luck and thanks
02/10/2010 01:25 PM Bruce Coopersmith
Thank you for being so cordial at the PCA DE event at Monticello last year. My son, Mike, and I really appreciated you signing my cap and having your picture taken with us.
Good luck this season !
ps I hope you get behind the wheel of a Porsche again soon.
Bruce Coopersmith

Thanks for your 3R appearance in January 2010
02/05/2010 08:52 PM Roger Buswell
I wanted to thank you for a very engaging and fun evening when you spoke before the Rocky Mtn. Chapter of the Porsche Club. Great job. Even though you don't race in Porsche as much as you used to, the Porsche guys like me are still big fans of yours. Do your best because we're all proud of you.

Sebring 09
12/18/2009 11:26 PM Clinton Hodges III
My best friend and I met you in the paddock in Sebring earlier this year. For you to take time out of your busy schedule to speak to some goofy Alaskan's is something neither of us will forget. Good luck and see you next year at Sebring.

VIR and Road Atlanta
11/23/2009 09:08 AM Howard Lisk
Hello Randy,

It was great to meet you and hear your comments at VIR Nov 16 and 17.

But I really appreciate you remembering me at Road Atlanta at the MPV event. My son Jon was pleased to meet you also.

Best of luck and hope to see you at other events and/or races.

11/22/2009 08:56 AM Ken Van de Water
I enjoyed talking with you at VIR and also your talk to the group at Trackdaze last week. Your video on youtube about getting around the track at VIR has been helpful to me.
I have learned much from you!
Ken Van de Water

SEMA Vegas
11/08/2009 11:37 AM Ken Imhoff
Randy, it was a pleasure to have met you at the SEMA show with Mike Guido. I read your bio and holy cow. you are more famous as a racer that I first thought which makes it even more special. You are a down to earth person which is nice to see these days. Hope continued sucess in everything you do.

Ken & Eileen Imhoff

Great Bio Randy, Pleasure Working With You
11/05/2009 02:53 PM Jacob DeBoer
Hey randy,

Its jacob from compass 360, congrats on the season i had a blast, im glad i got ot meet u and get to know you. your an amazing driving, tons of talent and a professional to back that up, i wish the best for you and hope i get to meet you again down the road,

Good to see you at Laguna Seca
10/16/2009 06:21 PM Ward Rosin
The WC autograph table was one of the highlights of the weekend for my daughter and me. We loved your reaction when we told you we drove down from Calgary.

All the best and continued good luck!

Ward Rosin

Laguna Seca Gift Shop Chat
10/11/2009 04:07 AM Roman Ivanov
Hey Randy,
Thanks for giving me advice on what it takes. You were very insightful and gave me a lot of hope. All it takes now is hard work and the right people. The talk alone was worth the 3 hour drive. Hope to race against you one day. Good luck this weekend!

09/22/2009 02:42 PM Steven
Is it looked down upon when a group of you guys are at a bar watchign video's of your footwork, instead of looking at the girls walking by?

Good luck.. hopefully they get those gearbox bullet proof for next year.

Watkins Glen
09/22/2009 01:32 PM Mickey Mellerski
You'll have to let me know next time your racing in Watkins Glen. Seems the last time I was there you won again!

Anyway, I've been going to Rochester regularly to visit friends, and they've wanted to go see a race. Also my sisters say "Hello." I'll check next year's schedule and send you a note before we come out. Looks like your still running at the front, always good to see that!

Mickey Mellerski

Barber Motorsports Park
07/17/2009 04:04 PM John English
Just had the pleasure of meeting you in the paddock. Best of luck in your race tomorrow.

mark's open house
07/14/2009 08:20 PM Diane Lueck
Hi Randy,
It was so nice to meet you at Mark's open house. I have been friends with Mark for over 20 years.He has been a great friend and I am always in awe of how many people he knows. Meeting you was fun and I am definitely learning to spread my wealth of racing enthusiasm beyond Nascar and Mark Martin. Of course I would love to watch you and Mark race but you are never close enough. I will try to make your race at Road America and Mark's race there later. Do you guys give tours of your garages and pits to very special friends? I need some more convincing about this style of racing so Mark has his work cut out for him but he has been very convincing and I am looking forward to following more closely. I wish you luck in your remaining races and hope to chat with you again. Rock On! Diane Lueck

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