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05/24/2009 12:24 PM Jeannie Ferebee
Hi Randy- this is Jeannie Copeland...from long time ago....in NY. Just wanted to let you know i am still following you. Wishing you a happy Memorial day weekend. Blessings to you and your family. Jeannie

Nice Cars
05/21/2009 07:52 AM John mitchell
When you told me you would be racing Volvos I was sceptical. They are great!
Sorry I missed you at Mosport. It seemed that I always just missed you.
Keep Smilin :)

Volvo racing
05/04/2009 12:10 PM Lawrence "Lornie" Haugen
What a great day for Volvo , thank you!! I have been a Volvo owner since 1965 and currently drive a 850 with 435k miles on it. I will be at Road America to cheer you on. Thanks again for a great race!!

checking out your site for video
03/30/2009 01:42 PM Marc Vest
Hey Randy -
First of all, congrats on another kick butt in Gt last year in your GT3! My younger brother and I are big race fans of Gt/alms and F1. Nascar is ok, but we prefer to take right hand turns and feel the G's with up and downs of a track. I am a big corvette fan (I own a very sick C5) and enjoy taking it to the track, or did before the recession hit. Pretty expensive hobby as you know!

Anyway, I showed my brother video feeds from inside Lou Gigliotti C6R and was wondering if you have video feeds like his in actual competition?? I tried to find some video of you in your K-PAX/3R Racing GT3 on YouTube but had no luck! You have to admit, Lou's Vette sounds phenominal! My brother is an enormous Porsche fan and has just started work on my fathers old 944. He wants to mod it out and get to VIR with me and my C5!

I am sure you have some comp video and I am just not finding it! ???

Thanks and Good Luck with "09" and Be Safe!!

Great Comments in Sports Car
03/16/2009 08:28 AM Ray Justice
Rant and Rave. You do a great of explaining how things should be done corectly. I also continue to admire the success that you are having. One thing that I haven't seen discussed that is amazing is the way you read the Starter's Moves.
I have never seen anyone as good on Cold Tire Starts as your are. Keep up the good work as I can tell that you enjoy the writing as much as the racing.

PS: Do you know where I can find a Good Silver FX-16 Corolla!!!!!

Nice meeting you
01/25/2009 12:54 AM Gary Brantley
It was great to meet you at the 25 Hours of Thunderhill, Randy. It was guys like you that motivated me to race...something I always wanted to do from an early age. Finally at 54 yrs old I was a rookie. Now 2 yrs later I'm having the time of my life. Thanks for the few minutes of your time and good luck. P.S. I am still living vicariously through you!!! Ha!Ha!

Geez Man.....
01/12/2009 10:28 PM Chris Raffaelli
You know your a Suppa Stahhh when your name is in hte pulldown in the Google Search!

01/12/2009 07:04 PM David
thanks for the car, randy.
love the site.
good luck at daytona,

Hey Buddy
01/11/2009 09:11 PM Frank Sangiorgio
Hey Buddy, Happy New Year...Good Luck at Daytona. See you at Lime Rock.

01/03/2009 06:13 PM colin cohen
Many thanks for your encouragement and support in 2008; and best wishes for 2009. Onwards and upwards an with some luck I might see you at Daytona.


VIR TrackDaze/Honda Prelude
12/18/2008 11:51 PM Bill Boswell
Seasons Greetings;
Great seeing you back in mid November at VIR. I'm a regular flagger and driver at WGI but hoping to do more next year and maybe get out to AutoBahn at the end of May. Any tips?
See you soon,

Speed Challenge Season Finale at Road Atlanta
10/11/2008 04:26 PM John J. Freeman
Well Randy once again congratulations on another championship. I am one of the many local Road Atlanta SCCA workers. This time I happen to be working the station at the end of the pit so I saw you going into the grib.

I was told that you will be driving for Remington or Cadillac next year. Is this true?

John Freeman
SCCA Solo II racer
SCCA Grid/Pit and Corner worker.

I remember when...
09/29/2008 12:56 PM Doug Greenup
Randy, you have done so well in the sportscar world, I am proud to say I know you. I remember as a kid, before I could drive watching a little white Rabbit and a certain Daytona at Pro Solo's! Maybe you'll remember a Corvair from Dayton,OH? Congrats on all of your success!


good to see you again
09/26/2008 09:13 PM Don Perry
hey Randy it was good to see you again in NJ at Thunderbolt Raceway!! Im thinkin bout changing up to Vegatairan if that will make me just as fast!!! hahah!!!

Thank you
09/15/2008 02:59 PM Steve and Harrison White
Hi Randy,
An overdue thank you for the tickets and personal treatment at the Mosport race. We really enjoyed our day and watching both you and Michael finish on the podium! Congratulations on the Detroit win. Best of luck with the balance of the 2008 year. We look forward to seeing you again next year at Mosport with Bill and Dianne.

WOW! Team Janica & K-pax Rocks again!!!
09/12/2008 07:06 PM Dean Havie
Need I say anymore? TJR and K-Pax are a perfect combo. Keep up the excellent work. WOOOOO!

(Good friend of Janica & her hubby)

Detroit Race
08/31/2008 09:21 PM Ray Collins
Congrats on Detroit.. but that is not why I send you this message. I'm a 47 year old law enforcement officer assigned to homeland security who had never heard of SCCA racing. While assigned in an undercover capicity touring the various work areas me and my partner stopped into the K-Pax garage area and was teached first class by one of your crew. He had no ideal who we were but teached us like royalty showing us the cars and letting us take all the pics we wanted. You guys are a class act. Thanks again. Ray aka new race fan!!

New Jersey Motorsports Park
08/24/2008 09:48 AM Aunt Candy
Howdy! Long time no see. I'm bringing my boys to the NJMP one day next weekend. I hope we get a chance to see you. It's their first racing experience and they're excited to meet you. Hope all is well!

08/23/2008 03:35 PM Paul Kenward
Randy, I remember you from
Mel-High, it's nice to know that you have done well in life. My sincerest congratulations!

Good work!
06/16/2008 10:42 AM Doug Armstrong
Randy, Good work at Mosport! I enjoyed meeting and working with you and everyone involved in the APR Motorsports GTI campaign. I'm looking forward to the Mid-Ohio Koni Challenge event this weekend. See you there!

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