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Lime Rock 2008
06/14/2008 07:18 PM Pete Kroth
Thanks for paying us a visit at Lime Rock again this year and thanks for the stories...once a Golf driver, always a Golf driver!

Come back soon...hopefully the new track surface will be smoother than a baby's bottom for you!

Sebring Race
05/09/2008 11:12 AM Nancy O'Donnell
Congratulations on your Sebring win! Looking forward to seeing you up at Limerock.
Nancy @ EMS

Congrats on a fast start!
05/01/2008 12:11 PM David Ray
Randy - hope to see you at Laguna - great to see that you're getting a strong start in 08...Good Luck and be safe!! david

Good Luck
04/16/2008 03:55 PM Bo Tang
Hi, just came across your blog today. Some good stuff in there. Wanted to wish you luck on the rest of the season. I'll be rootin for ya!

Sebring 08
04/11/2008 02:00 PM Micah Gammon
Congratulations on your win. I just happened to turn on the speed channel and see the last part of your race. It was a honor to meet you at the Petite LeMans at Road Atlanta last year.

Sebring 2008
03/26/2008 03:08 PM David Fiallo
Another great drive in the wet at Sebring. It was my 32 Sebring! One of the little pleasures of that race is hanging out in turn 3 with my friends (Link Eveleth, Diane Thoman, brother Dan)and cheering you on. You've come far from those days in the sun autocrossing! Best wishes for a grate year and I'll see you at the petit le Mans.

Driving lessons
03/01/2008 06:52 PM Tony Trujillo
Mr.Pobst first off congratulations on your Speed Gt championship,second with your extreme busy schedule,do you ever hold a drivers school for anyone who wants to learn from the best?

02/18/2008 04:07 PM Dave Sill
It was cool to see you at the very wet Eastern Tennessee Region autocross yesterday. (I was the worker who registered you.) I enjoy your column and wish you the best this season.

ETRSCCA Autocross
02/18/2008 01:03 PM Joseph Altobelli
I met you last weekend at a local Autox event and wanted to thank you for allowing me to walk the course with you and learn from your experience. Also thank you for taking the time to take a picture with me and thanks a bunch for the autograph.

good luck
02/02/2008 05:26 PM Piotr Bilik
some time ago '96 Memorial Day at LRP it is when I met you in person for the first time.
Then '04 Memorial Day at LRP we meet again.
Now can not wait to see the Great Randy drive VW once again at .... LRP. Good luck in 2008 season!

Good luck
01/27/2008 11:08 AM Maryln Evans
Enjoy watching you race ;)

Daytona Test
12/18/2007 08:21 PM Jeff Sorge

It was really great to meet you in Daytona, I'm very excited to work and learn from you this season. I'll do my best to keep the comms working and our driver happy!! Se ya in Daytona in Jan..

Jeff Sorge

Nice To Finnaly Meet You
12/14/2007 09:38 PM Kevin Clifford
After meeting you at Daytona about a week ago i can see why your so good at what you do, all the best.

Congratulations Rocketman!
12/13/2007 03:36 PM Bob from CT
Congratulations on a killer 07 season! Hope to see you for Karting up north soon, if not, definitely catch you in Sebring!

11/27/2007 08:01 PM the cookie man
how was the bread & cookies i gave you at Watkins Glen? watched you win your championship, that was great. thanks, for the calenders & autos, if you still have those calenders don't throw them out I'll take them, I'm going to contact mike at TPC racing & see if he's going to race next year & give him my info so i can get a hold of you or vice a versa. you can call me & put in a request for when you come to Watkins next year. hope your holidays are great. thanks again!

Congrats on the win (and your down under fan club)
11/27/2007 12:19 AM Guy
Great results & keep up the good work. Thanks for looking after all us "foreigners" at Road Atlanta earlier this year - look forward to catching up with you on our next visit in 08'

11/14/2007 01:42 AM Stephen Hale
Congrats on your great WC Season!!

great class
11/13/2007 09:19 PM ronda
hi randy.....i've never seen you race but i know you are a champion. good luck with your journey. i promise i will check out your next race. lol. thanks for making the class such a pleasure.

Just to say Hello
11/11/2007 11:21 PM David and Toni Ellis-Brown
Randy, congratulations on the GT Championship. Hope to see you when you come to Melbourne. Our next race is at Sebring in early January, running the regional in conjunction with the National> Talk to you soon.

11/06/2007 11:56 AM Dirk
Congratiulations with youre championship. Good luck next season. Greatings from The Netherlands, Dirk Kempen

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