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08 ?
10/30/2007 09:00 AM chris stiffler
When do plan on posting up your 08 schedule ?
I hope you enjoy the off season in Florida while I'm shoveling snow in Ohio....

take care,

2007 GT Championship
10/30/2007 07:35 AM Glen and Trixie Power
We have been watching you on Speed TV. Congratulations on winning the Speed GT Drivers Championship. In addition to wonderful driving talent you are a wily, accomplished veteran that can stand up to the demands of a year long racing series. Trixie and I met you through autocrossing almost 25 years ago. You were so helpful and friendly to us at that time. Your sincere joy in racing and appreciation for others including sponsors, team mates and competitors really comes through your TV interviews. We are happy for your great success.

Love to read about you.
10/28/2007 06:07 PM Terry
It's always good to read about how great you're doing - and you just keep getting better and better.

I've been bragging about you to all my new colleagues at my new job and the women all want to meet you. :o)

I hope all is well. Thank for visiting our family website and leaving a guest book entry.

Terry and Family

Congratulations Randy!
10/27/2007 11:06 AM Dannen Goetze
Awesome GT championship, you deserve it! Your driving skills are like no one, you kick butt. I still think talk about the day you drove my 98C2S around Thunderhill, my driving style has changed forever!!! I wanted to ask you if you will be at Rennsport Reunion next weekend? Do you have a track ride? I am flying out from Napa, CA with a bud and would enjoy having a beer or two with you, if not a ride-along. Cheers....There is no substitution!!!!!

Great Job Randy.....
10/23/2007 09:55 PM Jeff
Just wanted to say congrats on your races at Laguna Seca you did a great Job...

Good Luck Today,Randy!
10/21/2007 11:48 AM Rob S.
Great meeting you yesterday at your trailer. I admire drivers like you who come from the grassroots and still keep their heads where they belong even in the big time.
Go Randy !

good luck!
10/18/2007 01:44 AM adrian
Hey Randy, meet you today during the mini Le Mans in downtown San Jose (I had the rx7), it was great to see you guys tearing it up in between my class at SJSU! Definitely made my day, my buddies and I will be rooting for you this weekend at the Seca.

Go Mazda!

Go Randy!
10/10/2007 09:08 PM David S. Wallens
That's all.

David S. Wallens
Grassroots Motorsports

Petit Le Mans
09/25/2007 02:02 PM mary beth shipley
Best wishes for the race in Atlanta in October! A group of us in Houston are cheering you on! Thanks for helping the Humane Society of the United States out by wearing the Mutts Comic character Mooch on your Mazda! You have lots of new fans! You rock!!

King of Motorsports
09/21/2007 11:11 AM The Princess and The Queen
Where to begin...many have echoed tributes not only to your talent but to your professionalism. You have nothing else to prove on the track; you have DONE IT ALL!

Fewer may know of your passionate dedication to all that is GREEN and to bio-sustainability. In my heart-of-hearts, I believe this is where your future lies. Your intellect, charisma, approachability and passion are just what the movement needs. Watch the post for some information on possibilities.

We are looking forward with great anticipation to this year's Petit Le Mans weekend. You walk as a King among those in motorsports.

As ever your devoted subjects,


Your career
07/14/2007 05:00 PM Harold Knobel
I am very happy to see that someone that I know, who started a career in autocross, has achieved your level of expertice. I still autocross the "Blue Max" mini, but the years have slowed me some. I am 73(soon 74) and have a younger co-driver for the important events.
I am proud to know you and I follow your racing events whenever possible. Good Job!
Harold Knobel

Toronto Win!
07/09/2007 09:12 AM Alex Millar
Congratulations on a great win on Sunday at the Toronto Grand Prix in your K-Pax Porsche! It was an incredible drive by an incredible driver! You are an inspiration to myself and many of my friends. I only wish I could get into auto racing!

Congrats from 2 Dog!!!
06/30/2007 03:21 PM Lindsey Kirkman
It's Lindsey from 2 Dog Cafe in Gainesville! It's been a while since we've seen you (and I've been in TX with rhinos for a few months), but I wanted you to know that my boyfriend and I have continued to follow your career and want to wish you congratulations on your latest string of successes! You're living his dream--as well as many other peoples', I'm sure--and he really enjoyed talking with you at the Petit.
Sounds like you'll be busy for a while, but come to 2 Dog when you're in town. I got a job at Disney's Animal Kingdom, but Liz will take care of you, I'm sure. I'm looking forward to attending some races in FL and hopefully we'll bump into each other.
Congrats on your hard work and we wish you all the best. We'll be watching...
Lindsey Kirkman
2 Dog Cafe
Gainesville, GA
soon to be Orlando, FL

Robin Flies the (track)-rat-rod!
05/23/2007 05:48 PM Carl Buckland
Hi Randy and Robin,
It was great to meet your sweety at the Miller Track, and a pleasure to give Robin a ride in my POC V3/R5 Porsche (you called it a "road warrior race car, a track version of a rat-mobile"). I hope next time you have a chance to drive it; I like to share my toys.
Keep up the good work; you are an example of how great race pilots can be good guys too.
Best Regards,
Carl Buckland

03/26/2007 03:20 PM Chuck Doubet
You did a great job @ Sebring. I am proud to have met you, and consider you a true 'pro'.
I am planning to follow your lead and move from
Audi's to Mazda. Will trade my A-6 for a MazdaSpeed6. Win on Sun, sell on Mon.

You're the best
01/23/2007 10:04 AM Donna Gilio
Randy Pobst. You have been one of my favorite race car drivers. I am impressed with your approachability and down to earth personality. You treat everyone with respect and that speaks volumes about you. Good luck at Daytona this year.WIN !!

Donna Gilio
San Francisco region
ITA/ITX series champion

Here's to 24 years of racing
01/15/2007 07:17 PM Jerry Stein
In February of 1983, a friend talked me into coming to an autocross with him. We met in a parking lot with a group of people, one of whom was Randy Pobst, and convoyed from Melbourne to Miami for the Double Trouble autocross, with Pro-Solo style mirror image courses. I was driving a 1981 Mazda GLC, while Randy and Linda were in the Rabbits they drove to National Championships that year. I marveled at Randys skill, and welcomed his help for my driving. I ended up with a trophy that day, third behind Randy and Linda, and was hooked on the sport for life. Im proud to have called him a friend in those early years, and clearly remember his first professional race. I watched him from the stands that day as he split the Archer brothers and came up just a few feet short of winning the first Golf cup event at Sebring. Ive followed his career since then and cheered him on at every opportunity. Congratulations on all your marvelous successes, and heres looking forward to more in the future.

It was a pleasure.
11/23/2006 02:14 PM Lori Robertson
Randy, I am so glad I had the opportunity to meet and talk with you at Laguna. I was in the pits when the bent rim and flat tire occurrance happened. When you came out of the car at the end of the race, shook hands, hugged, and appologized to the crew I thought that was really great, you were very calm and collected. It was not until the next week while I watched the event on Speed did I fully realize what that flat tire cost you...the championship. I cannot tell you how impressed with what a true gentle man you are. You are a rare breed.
You have a fan in me.
Lori Robertson SCCA 4-time National Solo Champion

11/14/2006 12:57 PM Matt Cesiro CESIROFILMS.COM
Just wanted to congratulate you on your career. You are good people, there should be more like you.

11/04/2006 08:32 AM Bob Snyder
What a blast to watch the win at Laguna!! Rahal/Letterman are in need of a GT 2 driver for 2007 and they need to look no further than right here.

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