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01/30/2006 08:53 PM Gary Bennett
Hey Randy, congrats at ROLEX!!! Finally got to go that race and was prayin that u would win. Hopefully one day i'll race against you. U started out in Solo and thats where i am right now. Actually, my father has pitted next to u a few times. He was racing a MGB in DM. We still have it and race it from time to time along with my SVT focus. I just wanted to say that u really are one of the best drivers in my book and a great guy! Keep on winning races!!


The win!
01/30/2006 11:15 AM John Deenihan
Hey Randy!
Sometimes working on the weekend isn't so bad, huh!!!
Was great to see you again at T-Hill a few weeks ago.....keep it up - and have fun!


01/30/2006 10:32 AM Tim Stone
Randy,I just stumbled onto your website and wanted to congratulate you on your win in Daytona.I worked with you in 98 @ Daytona as a crew member on the #87 Camaro.It was great to watch you on Speedchannel as I could not attend the race this year.I wish you a great season as it is starting off well! GOOD FOR YOU..and your team in the win.Keep up the pace!

Winning the Rolex 24 hours at Daytona.
01/29/2006 09:33 PM Mike Myers

Great job at winning the 24 hr's at Daytona. You and your team did an outstanding job. I even had my 5 year old daughter cheering for you. I told her to watch car # 36 as your race was going on through out the day. I explained how hard it is to win such a tough race. She was wondering how you guys sleep and where. That's the way to start off your year. I love Porsche's and you could'nt have said it any better, they are great cars, to be able to run 24 hours and not to break down. Great job again, I'll be looking for you either @ PIR or Laguna Seca. The Quarttro Club is meeting @ Portland International Raceway March 24 if you can make it would be great. If you have any extra pictures laying around, it would be great if you could send me one. I'll send you my address, when you respond.

Thank you

Mike and Daughter

Another 24 hour Win
01/29/2006 03:01 PM Gordon Sanderson
Great to see you two weeks ago at Thunderhill and then again this morning on the Speed Channel as the winner of the 24 hour Daytona. Congratulations!!!!

Rolex 24
01/29/2006 01:31 PM Russell Wiles
Hi Randy,

Couldn't happen to a nicer guy. Congrats on your latest 24 hour win.

Rolex 24
01/29/2006 12:31 PM Brad Clodfelter, O.D.
Congrats Randy!

I had the pleasure of meeting you this last year at the Autobahn track in Joliet. You drove my 2003 M3 and it was truly a blast to ride along with a legend! You were also nice enough to sign my helmet, which is now retired and proudly displayed in my garage.

Thanks again and I hope to see you in 2006 for a repeat ride!!!

Thanks for the phone call!
01/27/2006 10:37 PM Keith Emery
What a great way to start my otherwise boring day, to hear from you this morning was just so much fun. I thought at first Guido was pulling my chain, but you confirmed who you were. Even though I cannot attent this years Daytona 24 hour race, I will at least have this to remember. It is obvious that good guys do finish first!

Driving with you at PIR in November 2005
01/20/2006 01:10 AM Mike Myers
I wanted to tell you how much fun it was riding with you at Portland Int'l Raceway. It was the highlight of my weekend. It's nice to see people at your status, showing up for the Quattro-fest. Your good spirit and fun nature make these kind of events fun. I wish you the best this year in racing. I don't know what will happen and where you'll be racing, but I know you'll make the best of it. I can't wait to see you racing for Audi again. Maybe in 2007 you'll be racing an RS4 around. Keep up your effort's with the veggie car.

oops forgot the photo
01/16/2006 02:58 AM Frank M. Lin

Thanks for a great weekend Audi Club @ Thunderhill
01/16/2006 02:54 AM Frank M. Lin

it was speculated that RCREW was testing a new California Express air service called the Civic Airline... as eye witnesses reported seeing project remix leaving with all four wheels off the ground on top of hill T5 (aka cyclone). Apparently there is a time lapsed hi resolution photo sequence of this rare event... the Civic was air born but stayed on track. however on a technicality of "four wheel off", it was suggested that a black flag be issued. No one could confirm or deny "The Rocket's" signature had added dramatic propulsion effect to the Civic.

Can't wait to get the CD from Sideline. Rolex is coming up, goodspeed!!

yo randy!:D
01/12/2006 09:44 AM Meni
Hey there...just thought I'd check out your site and sign your guestbook as well, like you did mine. :D
Nice page!

sebring 2006 PCA
01/09/2006 07:45 PM jim cipriano

Happy Holidays
12/29/2005 07:45 PM Terry Pobst-Martin
I couldn't resist putting in another message saying Happy New Year - I know this will be another great year for you.
Love you and all your family lots!!!
Terry, Tony, Erin

VIR Audi Club
12/24/2005 03:52 PM CJ Moses
It was nice meting you and even nicer riding along as you properly broke in my new EVO 9 MR :) I was impressed the laps you put down and learned plenty that I'll put to use SCCA Club racing next season. I truely appreciate the advice and the autographed randypobst.com hat. I'm also proud to have the only "Randy Pobst" edition Evolution 9 on the road! Your signature on the dash draws plenty of attention ;)

Thanks again and good luck next season!

91 Galant VR-4 #53 SCCA ITE

How about an update on the 25hr race ??
12/05/2005 01:25 PM michael glassburner
I can't find any results yet :( I chatted with you during the drivers meeting at the ARRC event in 2001...thanks for the help !! What are your plans for 06 ??

12/01/2005 01:17 AM Corvette Chuck

I can't believe that you have a car that runs on vegetable oil...how do I get one?!?!

Corvette Chuck

11/21/2005 08:21 AM Matt Carsno
hey randy, it was nice meeting you at VIR this weekend. I really enjoyed hearing you speak and especially watching you drive the carerra. Good luck in your career and i hope you see you again someday.


The Glen 2005
11/20/2005 09:19 PM John & Dolores Becker

Dolores & I enjoyed seeing you and the TPC/Ajilon Team during this year's trip to The Glen (in June). We greatly appreciate your time and interest in chatting with you and your teammates. Despite your untimely & unfortunate short time behind-the-wheel, we stayed to the 'bitter' (and soggy) end of the race.

We look forward to returning during the 2006 season. Hopefully your primary sponsors continue their $$$ support so that we can bring you another sports shirt to compliment your race wardrobe.

Our very best to you and your TPC crew for a festive & safe holiday season.

old friend
11/03/2005 03:42 AM gary
Hey Randy this is Gary (Schwartzotts old secret weapon) Iam now living in Arizona and saw you on TV. Great to see you're still doing well in racing, i miss sometimes. Well i just wanted to say hi and keep racing.

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