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Pobst Position: The Secret
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Pobst Position: The Secret
Have you seen the new book that's hot right now? Hate to spoil it for you, but "The Secret" is The Law of Attraction. I highlighted it in my last column, but I sure didn't think it up myself. What we think and say...and write...becomes real in our lives. Thoughts are creative. I know. It has just been unequivocally proven in my racing career, again. Have you seen my last few columns? What have they been about? Racers running into each other. Mortal Sins. Hitting a guy to win the race. And what happens? At Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, my Tri-Point Mazda 6 leads a phalanx of Acura's almost the whole way (and a win means the drivers championship), and then gets bluntly turned around by Kleinubing just as the racing is really starting to get hot. Felt like when Indiana Jones, fighting his way out of the Casbah hand-to-hand, is confronted by the fearsome black-clad sword swinger, and just pulls a gun and shoots him. Game over. I've never been punted off so many times in my entire career as I have since I started writing about it! Fortunately, it was always over in Touring Car, so we were able to bag the championship in the GT Porsche. Thank you, Jim Haughey, and all of KPAX/3R Racing. But that's another column.

Pierre is a friend of mine, and just before the race I told him I loved racing him. It is amazing to watch him drive. He likes it loose. Car control. Bravery. Even when he's passing me, I admire his ability, like you'd admire the power and beauty of nature as the bear mauls and eats you. I figger he just made a mistake, or maybe lost his cool, or maybe both. He gave me a fairy tale about me coming over on him. I understand that, he was protesting the quick action of the chief steward, and did not want to incriminate himself. It was a bad break for me, and bad breaks happen in sports. That's racing. What Pierre did not know is that my tranny was starting to go and so was I. There's a fair chance he'd a had me soon anyway, but rest assured with the race win and championship on the line, I was gonna fight as hard as I knew how. There's a time to pull every trick in the book, and that was it. That little spin short-circuited some killer potential race action.

As I am writing this, my new SportsCar arrives, and in it is a letter from Bill Johns. He thanks me for discouraging him from running some World Challenge because he does not want to do all that body work. What a shame! This is exactly what I am working to reduce. We are professionals. We should be setting the example for the club guys. Aggression, and talent. Sure we want to win, and we can do it without crashing half the field from the race. I have proposed a few things to work towards this end. One is to require a Chase Cam in every World Challenge car. After the race, the video data cards go straight to the chief steward to help sort out any on-track issues. You have the Eye of God watching you, like the optician in the Great Gatsby. This system is in use in Australian Touring Cars, and has greatly reduced the mayhem. It will be very useful for Tech, as well, for visual power comparisons. When the chief steward is done, The Speed Channel gets the highlights for the next show, and it will no doubt be a can't-miss segment. Finally, the video comes back to the team for fun and learning. Heck, darn near every car carries a camera now anyway.

Crashes suck. Let's work to minimize them. Did you notice the great job my friend Adam Pecorari did in the last three races? Outscored everybody. As for me, no more crash columns for a while. I'm gonna write about winning, and use The Secret to attract more of that into my life!

Originally printed in Sportscar January 2008

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