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Pobst Position: Gratitude
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Pobst Position: Gratitude
While a racing driver is a naturally self-centered creature, we can occasionally take time to consider that this sport cannot happen without the help and support of others. On this fine spring morning, think about the people that have helped you indulge your passion for motorsports.

My thanks starts with my parents, both of whom gave me the freedom to pursue my dreams, and a few loans when times got tough. Dad Gene once paid me a great compliment, backhanded, in a TV interview: "If he wasn't good at it, I'd have made him quit years ago." Mom Jo Ellen was all love, but worried for my safety, as all moms do. Then comes the SCCA, with national and pro solo events that helped me mature as a driver and make my first sponsor contacts, and the Volkswagen Cup, where I started my road racing. The new VW Jetta TDi Cup renews that tradition. That year I convinced a young fella also named Randy (Freer) to come along for almost no money, and boy, did we have some adventures. We knew nothing and learned like crazy. He was indispensable. Primarily from the SCCA, also, come our beloved race workers, on whose shoulders the entire road racing community stands. My career may not have existed at all without the help of my former wife Linda Pobst, who put in many days of hard work and long overnight drives home, often going straight in to work that morning. Thank you, Linda, you always give one hundred per cent.

I made the all-important transition to paid driver thanks to TC Kline, both in solo and road racing, and we won many races together, peaking with a Touring Car Championship in the Neuspeed Honda. Ed Arnold, of BMW M5 Touring Car fame, sponsored me into my first GT ride, with TRG's Kevin Buckler at the Sebring 12 Hour. The next step in my career came with the help of Alex Job Racing. Alex connected me into the world of Porsches, and Alwin Springer of Porsche helped me into a factory contract in 2001.. Alex's brilliant engineer Greg Fordahl, also a Solo champion, and I found a real synergy that has often made me better than I am, both with Alex, and on Greg's own team with Kim Hiskey. In 2002, I was again seeking a ride, and found a new path with Tim Wiens and 3R Racing in World Challenge, through a name-drop from Mitch Wright in SCCA Pro Racing at the time. World Challenge has been very, very good to me, thank you to all our staff.

Success with 3R in 2002 led directly to the Champion Audi team, thank you Dave Mirage of Champion and Rod Bymaster of Audi, and Louis Milone, our secret weapon. After a few years, it's who ya know. Steve Sanders at Mazda became a good friend back in 1992 when I won the SCCA Runoffs in my own Miata, then helped me into the factory Touring Cars with a call from old autocross buddies Altenburg and Craig Nagler. About the same time, I wandered down pit lane in Phoenix and saw a couple team Porsches with no names I recognized on them. Hmm. "Hi, guys, how'r ya runnin'?" Thus started a great friendship with Michael Levitas, TPC Racing, and eventually a Rolex 24 win. In another stroke of great fortune, my friends Bob and Holly Raub at 3R called me up when Jim Haughey needed a driver, and boy, did that work out well! I was back in the camp again with beloved mad scientist Will Moody, like huggin a porcupine, and I now cannot wait for '08 to get rolling, along with APR Tuning, where I will be back in a VW over in Grand Am.

Manufacturers have been partners all along, too, and over the years I owe thanks to a long list, starting with VW, with contingency money in those early Pro Solos, to our own Toyota team, then Hondas with TC, followed by BMWs in the mid-nineties (ten grand to win the Runoffs, woo!), then the factory drives with Porsche, Audi, and Mazda. And let's not forget our tires; Goodyear, then Goodrich for years, and thanks to friends at Toyo and Michelin. My heartfelt gratitude to all the people and companies that have helped to make my dreams come true. Wow, did I ever<
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