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Pobst Position: Points
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Pobst Position: Points
Finishing is so important in World Challenge. In any series were you care about your season-end placement, look carefully at how the points are distributed. Know the payouts, and keep this in mind as you race, all season. Think ahead and be mindful of the big picture. The Championship is the best prize you can achieve. It's the first line on your resume in each year. It's the headline on your business card, or under your photo in the program. As a racer, it becomes your identity. Your sound bite. Champion. Way better than Race Winner. Any blind squirrel can find a nut when everybody crashes, or you won the risky gamble on rain tires, but the Champion? That driver was strong for a whole year of races. No Blind Squirrels at the Awards banquet podium.

Know your points. There is a growing trend to widely spread the points payout, unlike the classic old-school Formula One pattern of 9-6-4-3-2-1. In those series, if you are not up front, you are nowhere. This has become less and less important. Now it's 35 for a win, 30 for fourth, 20 for fourteeth! Good grief, just finish the races and you'll be right up there. Why? Good Ol' NASCAR. Spreading the points keeps the leader from getting away. This is how we see drivers win championships without ever winning a race. Forgive me, but I think that misses the point. Yeah, I believe in the value of clean, consistent driving and reliability, but racing is about taking that checker FIRST, first. Nobody cares who finished second except that driver's mom. Yes, I have had some enjoyable and satisfying drives where I finished sixth, but shoot, the tenth place guy is getting sixty percent of the points that the winner does. We were leading the points when I killed my KPAX Porsche on the start line at Mosport last year, causing a desperate scramble by my talented 3R Racing crew to cling to just a seventeeth-place finish. I figured I was out of it for good. I was shocked and thrilled when I learned afterwards that I still held the lead! If you are not in it for the points or the championship, this gives you a real advantage. Throw caution to the wind. So what if you don't get points, it is all about a good finish in this race. But for God's sake don't take out some poor slob who is in it for the season.
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