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Posted (09/30/2011) -
Braselton, GA (September 30, 2011) - Friday's Pirelli World Challenge Championships season finale race at Road Atlanta ended a season of highs and lows for Randy and his #6 K-PAX Racing Volvo S60 team.  After the podium finish at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, the K-PAX team was on a high and looking to repeat.  Wednesday's practice sessions proved it would not be easy though when the car developed a handling issue that was tricky to diagnose.  By Thursday's qualifying session, the Volvo was more drivable and Randy was able to qualify in sixth position.  They continued to make changes and by race time, the handling problems were solved and the car was ready to race.  Although not as fast as the lead Corvettes and Cadillacs, Randy was able to stay with the lead cars and was having a great time until the last few laps when the fun ended.  While passing lapped cars, a slow Corvette spun out right in front of Randy and he was unable to avoid him.  Randy tagged him in the front, causing the Corvette to spin again, hitting Randy in the rear and breaking a wheel and suspension parts.  The race and the season were over.
"Well there is good news and bad news.  The good news is that we made the right changes and the car ran great during the race.  The bad news is that we didn't make it to the finish.  We really struggled with the handling in practice.  It was like there was a ghost in the car.  It was spooky...early Halloween.  I couldn't put my finger on it.  We were able to make it more stable for qualifying and it was better in terms of spookiness.  Before the race, we made more changes to get it balanced that were guesses and they worked.  I really enjoyed driving the Volvo and it felt like the old days.  The Corvettes and Cadillacs were in another world though.  So fast.  Towards the end of the race, I caught a group of slower cars and was lapping a Corvette when he got sideways.  He snap-spun the car and then went in front of me.  I couldn't miss him and bonked him in the nose.  He then spun around and hit me in the back wheel.  It just sucks because we were running so good.  Congratulations to my Volvo C30 teammate, Aaron Povoledo, who won his fourth Touring Class race of the season."
"I want to thank our Volvo Construction Equipment company guests, as well as acting CEO of Volvo North America, John Maloney, and CFO Tim Fissinger, for coming out to support us this week.  I also want to thank the K-PAX team for their hard work and perseverance in a year that was challenging, especially my chief mechanic, Paul Delio.  I am working on continuing with K-PAX and Volvo for next season and we look forward to being on the top again.  I would also like to thank my personal sponsors, WeatherTech, ChaseCam and saferacer.com for their support throughout the year.  I also want to congratulate and thank our retiring SCCA registrar and my friend, Dee Duncan, for her many years in the sport.  It has been an interesting season and its always a great adventure."
"Last weekend, I had a great time at the 24 Hours of LeMons at Charlotte where the cars must cost less than $500.  I got to run three different cars.  I had a fun stint in the rain in a 1968 MGB GT with no wipers, no defroster and no vision but great tires.  The team told me that in 45 minutes, I gained 14 laps on the guy in front of me.  I also ran a Toyota MR2 with a Lancia Scorpion body and an orange BMW 318i with an assortment of 1950's American car body parts on it.  What a lot of fun."
The Pirelli World Challenge Grand Prix of Road Atlanta will air on Versus, Saturday, October 29 at 4:00 PM EST. 
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