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Posted (10/06/2013) -

Houston, TX (October 6, 2013) - Randy and his No. 6 K-PAX Racing Volvo S60 rolled into Houston for the season finale of the 2013 World Challenge GT Championships this weekend.  The Foametix Grand Prix of Houston, which ran on the streets around Reliant Park and the world famous Astrodome, started out with bumps and bangs, and it was quickly decided that the track was too dangerous to race on, for Indycar and World Challenge, without significant changes.  Track crews worked that day and throughout the night to fix the bumps, greatly affecting practice and canceling qualifying for the GT/GTS race.  While Friday and Saturday's sessions were run in high heat and humidity, Sunday began with wet and chilly conditions.  The grid was set by points and the race began with two laps under caution and than a rolling, single file start due to the slippery track.  Randy started in fourth position and took advantage of his all-wheel drive Volvo to move forward.  He had a scary moment when his teammate Alex Figge braked too late and almost took Randy out from behind.  He continued, with Alex retiring from crash damage, and passed Johnny O'Connell and then James Sofronas for the lead!  As the track dried out, the rain tires and weight of the car slowed Randy down, and he was passed by O'Connell near the end, finishing on the podium in second between the two Cadillacs.     

"What an interesting weekend.  I have never raced on the streets of Houston.  Its a short course with lots of corners and was really rough, even after the alterations.  With the heavy morning rains, we started on a wet setup, which was great for our Volvo all-wheel drive.  I had already passed Pilgrim when Alex blew by me on the inside, clipping my left front wheel.  We dodged that bullet and seemed to be okay but it was a close call.  The conditions were constantly changing with it very wet at the beginning, to mostly dry at the end.  My Volvo got better as the race went on but Sofronas was pretty darn good and it took me longer to get the lead.  As the track began to dry in sections, I started to slow down and then hit traffic and I was just stuck, with Johnny on my tail.  He out-braked me in Turn 2 towards the end and got by.  The dry parts of the track were just too much for the rain tires.  I am happy with the podium."
"We had many guests here in Houston to support us.  Basketball star Jeremy Lin of the Houston Rockets, who is also the official spokesman for Volvo, hung out with the team.  He is a great guy and it was cool to have a brush with fame.  We also had execs Tim Fissinger and Jay Hamill from Volvo North America and Pat Reilly from Volvo Construction Equipment, and his guests, with us for the race, as well as Momentum Volvo, which carries the K-PAX Performance line of products.  This is the end of the season and I would like to thank Bob Raub, Jim Haughey and the K-PAX Volvo team for another fun season, our seventh together.  We hope to be racing for Volvo next year but it is the season for putting deals together.  We will let you know."             
Randy finished fourth in the GT Drivers' Championship, with Volvo in third in the Manufacturers' Championship.  The season finale airs on Sunday, October 20, at 4 p.m. ET on NBC Sports Network.  Last week, Randy and Jeff Lepper called half of the TV coverage for the SCCA Runoffs at Road America which can be seen now on SpeedcastTV.com.  He also had fun racing in the STL class in Mazda Miata.  
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